4 veto, 5.0/5

What is this Minigiants io ?

Everyone has a character in unblocked With the help of Mouse, the aim of all players will be to enlarge, develop and try to be the first and you can play unblocked at the school. Nowadays it is possible to be small and become giant! If you don't believe me, you can play and see what happens in the game.

Play with people from all over the world using your web browser. Here, you're a mini-warrior in the most epic battle! Join this fantastic world to see how awesome it is to be a mini giant. Find out how the addictive game is.


Use your mouse cursor to move around the map

Use the left mouse button to attack

Use the right mouse click to accelerate.

If you are giant and want to dominate everything, then what do you stand? Start the game!


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