1 veto, 4.0/5 ! If you like playing snake unblocked games, you will love the boasio game, which is undoubtedly the most advanced snake game around the web. It consists of high quality graphics, eye catching design and a wonderful gaming concept that offers a great gaming experience.  When playing boasio, you just realize how much effort has been put into the game by developers. Game levels, one more difficult than others, will always lead to an intense challenge between players. That is the point that makes the boasio game the most advanced game available on internet.

When in the game, you will see hundreds online players trying harder to extend their tails, an attempt which enables them to better surround and eat stuffs present on the game map. And that eventually leads to longer tails which is a great advantage against other players. Let's see if you can be the last standing player in the game.


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